Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Weekend Worth of Work :)

Alright, so I had a little success focusing on sewing this weekend :D

The first item I did up is to hold the door latch for the nursery room.  So that I can sneak in quietly to check on baby.  Mostly though, so that if Roxy Dog decides to barge in during feeding or nap time, it wont make a noise.  Yes, she has a knack for making doors open.

Second I made a travel change pad clutch that is full waterproof.  Just give it a good wipe to hold you over until a wash is possible.  I just have to seal the needle holes by zapping it in the dryer for 20 minutes.

 The bonus is I built in a little pocket to keep some wipes and a diaper tucked.  Likely to come in handy if just going for a walk with the dog but want to be prepared for an emergency diaper change :)

Not pictured here is a nursing cover I made.  It just slips over my head and fully covers me, front and back.  Will help to keep my back side warm in the winter, and help to keep the cover in place when at the park and there is a breeze.  Imagine a garbage back with a hole for the head, similar idea, just out of pretty fabric and mad to fit better :)  I inserted a triangle of fabric to make it wider towards the bottom to allow for movement.  It was that, or go spend money on a stretchy fabric.  I opted to use what I had in my stash!  Picture to come soon, when I feel like being in a picture :)

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